The Gaia Atlas of First Peoples

The Gaia Atlas of First Peoples- Julian Berger

This book reflects clearly the fact that indigenous peoples are diverse in culture, religion, social and economic organisation and that they cherish their own distinct cultures. We have many lessons to learn from how indigenous people treat each other and the respect they show to the environments they live in. First Peoples describes the interconnectedness of peoples, nature and spirits through stories that serve to remind people of their place in the universe and their connection with the past.

First Peoples provides many fascinating insights into a variety of indigenous beliefs and understandings such as the meaning of aboriginal 'dreamtime', the creation of hills, rocks, hollows and rivers formed by powerful ancestral spirits of long ago. The rich symbolism of objects and their associations in the traditions of many indigenous cultures (such as the pipe, feather and rattle) are included and brought to life with over 100 full-colour photos and illustrations. The symbolism of colour is also explained excellently with 68 wonderful colour maps.

This inspiring book touches on many issues, such as Gaia hypothesis, conservation of natural resources, culture conflict, environmental policy, human ecology and social policy - a great read for all ages!