Amnesty International

Amnesty International by Marsha Bronson
Organisations That Help the World.

Freedom is in danger all over the world. People are arrested, often with no charge against them, held without trial, tortured or mistreated, sometimes for "crimes" which in a democratic country would be no crimes at all, simply protesting against the inhuman conditions under which they are forced to live. Shocking? Does anybody care?

Read the story of Amnesty International and you will find the answer to that question, as well as a challenge to add your weight to this international movement for freedom and human rights.

Their story is a truly inspiring one. From small (one individual) and humble beginnings, it has mushroomed into a powerful voice against injustice all over the world and not just in general but in thousands of individual cases and has been effective in freeing the victims of arbitrary injustice or at least achieving an amelioration of their prison conditions.

It does the soul good to read of the myriad acts of intervention, often just by writing letters to the powers involved, and the persistence which has had such dramatic and life-saving results.

Read it and feel your spirits rise.