are we there bookletare we nearly there? By Liz Allum, Barbara Lowe and Louise Robinson
A self evaluation framework for Global Citizenship.

The Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC) has produced this well resourced and well produced book as an important teaching and learning aid for this subject. Global Citizenship is an attempt to lead to feelings of solidarity with the people of other nations, an essential basis for understanding and co-operation between us all in tackling the immense challenges faced by mankind. The book can help those participating in the Global Schools Award and is suitable for Key stages 1 to 5.

One often neglected area discusses is terminology. To quote one example: use of the term "Third World." It is suggested that a better expression is, "Majority World." This is more than a niggle and is much more important than it may seem. The ideas and mindset revealed by words go to the heart of the whole problem of stereotyping and prejudice, the root of much social (and sometimes violent) strife. Finding the appropriate term can help in arousing feelings of solidarity with those so often maligned.

There are many other approaches to the subject, detailed in a thorough and thoroughly helpful way. The book concludes with an outline of methods for assessing progress in knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is part of a package of material which presents a powerful aid to teaching and learning in a subject literally of world importance.


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