How Bad are Bananas

How Bad are Bananas? (The Carbon Footprint of Everything) - by Mike Berners-Lee

Bananas may be fresh and tasty but getting them to market has a negative impact on the environment. 'How so' you may ask? The answer is their carbon footprint.

In this book Berners-Lee explains in detail the concept behind carbon footprints and how, having carried out complex research over a long period, it has been possible to calculate the footprint for a staggering list of items. These include foodstuffs, goods, materials, actions, activities, establishments (a house, for example) and almost everything in between.

The author explains how carbon footprints are measured by weight and has organised the book's chapters for ease of reference from 1g right up to 1 million tonnes. Some interesting and valuable advice about how to choose, prepare and cook food with the least impact on the environment is provided, as well as calculations of the cost-efficiency of carbon-saving options. An explanation of how the research underpinning this book was conducted is also explained.

An entertaining read, informative, and well worth studying.

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