wangari maathai

The Green Belt Movement by Wangari Maathai (Sharing the Approach and the Experience).

Nelson Mandela called her "a vision of hope" and described the movement she founded in Kenya as "[democratising] the connection between sustainable development of resources, democracy and peace." 'The Green Belt Movement' is written by the remarkable innovator herself. Maathai goes into detail as to how she went about starting the movement and lists the aims; to raise consciousness of the need for protection of the environment, fostering a community spirit and enthusiasm amongst others.

Maathai lays out the structure of the movement, how it is organised and financed, what it has achieved despite the obstacles (mainly from the authorities) and the learning outcomes. She also gives advice to those wishing to follow in her footsteps and details the vision for the future of her movement. Maathai's heroic efforts to fight her corner and lead the movement are what led to her becoming the first female in Africa to receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace. Read also Mama Miti (The Mother of Trees) a superbly illustrated book by Donna Jo Napoli which sheds further light on this wonderful woman.