On guerrilla gardening

On guerrilla gardening by Richard Reynolds.

Some people who felt that more than most have done just that.

The guerrilla movement has become a worldwide movement. It takes its name from the real guerrillas who fought to defend their country against invaders. They have even adopted the same rules and strategies. And they see each other as comrades in the struggle against official neglect and degradation of the environment. They are proud of themselves as public benefactors and cherish their freedom of action and a distinctive romantic spirit feeling about the whole thing. The Robin Hood syndrome?

Guerrilla gardeners claim to be serving the public and I would not seek to deny them credit for that. The guerrilla movement is certainly exciting and publicly beneficial and, who knows, could make a difference to public and official attitudes. It may even stir the authorities to encourage and provide the resources for volunteers to carry on the good work

The detailed description of the movement, how it began and the multiplicity of venues in which it is operating is well worth a read.

Len Goldman