turned out nice

Turned out Nice by Marek Kohn

Apparently, in the early but lengthy stages, we will benefit from the warmer climate. Almost the whole of the rest of the world, however, will suffer destruction of habitat and the means of livelihood. The point is that we will not be immune from the affects of this. Far from it.

To start with, there will be the pressure of millions crowding in on us. Think of Africa. Think of the Middle East and the Mediterranean area. As the author says: " climate change will pose questions for (us)...who (we) are and what (our) relations with the rest of the world should be."

We'll have our own troubles, too, of course. We will pay a terrible price for our relative good fortune... parks will be arid...private automobile use will be unheard of...water will be rationed... flora and fauna will vanish...pests will flourish...(country walks) will be nearly impossible...terrible fires in our uplands will be commonplace.

Doom? Not necessarily. We can still (but only just) do something about it. Anyone for joining the Transition Movement?

Len Goodman