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As part of our theme on sustainable transport. And don’t forget our transport cafe event at the Marwood on Thursday.
Why Bikes?
Bikes rock!  Super fast, direct, save money, get fit, carry loads (I’ve had 3 adults on the back of my ‘stretch bike’)

My name is Merlin and I set up and run Re~Cycle, the bicycle charity.

Millions of bicycles are thrown away or left to rust in the UK while millions of people in Africa are forced by lack of transport to walk up to 4-hours per day, to school, work or fetching water.

Re~Cycle ships donated bikes (65,086 thus far), tools and spare parts to Africa, where partner organisations refurbish and distribute them.

Cyclists and folks who’ve been to Africa are 2 groups which really ‘get’ what we do.

This is because cyclists know how great and fast bikes are, and how much they can carry.  Most cyclists will have thrown away bikes or parts, and will have seen abandoned bikes chained up and having parts vultured off them.

People who’ve been to Africa have seen people walking (often with Huge Loads) in ‘the middle of no where’, so patently very long distances, in the heat.

What changes do you think the city should make to be better for bikes?

Separated bike lanes so those who are less confident will cycle more and cars won’t park in them

More bike parking

More reporting of abandoned bikes – send exact location and colour to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you were a bike what model of bike would you be and why?

Touring bike; strong yet lightweight and fast, to go the distance
Or perhaps a utility bike, as can carry a lot…

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