Rethink Admin02.2015 The C-side Challenge

By Jack Dangerfield, BPEC

The course took place over a period of five weeks (25 October-29 November 2014) and was organised into 3 x four-hour sessions. In total, there were eight participants (seven female, one male) registered on the course, four of whom were students at the University of Brighton.

All seemed keen to make changes in their own lives to reduce their carbon footprint.
The course went extremely well. While some participants didn’t attend all three sessions, those that did seemed engaged and knowledgeable about the issues being discussed.  Two or three of the group members already knew each other, which made it easier to get a discussion going.  Some of the activities continued for longer than anticipated because people had much to contribute.

Organising the course over three sessions instead of the usual six worked well and allowed for more time between activities, which helped to build a more relaxed “conversational” atmosphere. Participants gave very positive feedback about the course and all seemed keen to make changes in their own lives to reduce their carbon footprint.

Four of them are now hoping to become facilitators themselves and run future courses with BPEC. The group is planning to meet-up shortly to discuss progress and future plans.

It’s been very encouraging to see how The Rethink Challenge has inspired people to make lasting changes to their lives and to take further action to improve they way they live and work.

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