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As part of this month’s theme on sustainable transport Brighton Peace and Environment Centre is running our first Conversation Cafe on the 18th June at the Marwood Cafe (of kick arse coffee and life changing cake fame). The aim is to engage people around the theme of low carbon transport, and also to recruit to our two Autumn Carbon Conversation workshops as part of our C-Side Challenge.

The event will be led by Duncan Blinkhorn of the Bike Hub and the Bike Train. The structure for the event will run 6.00-7.30. Duncan will give a 20 minute talk and then in small groups discussion will be led on:

  • Personal barriers to the use of low carbon transport such as walking, buses and cycling.
  • What choices exist in the city for the use of sustainable transport.
  • Information on bike schemes and personal travel planning.

The event will be held at the Marwood Cafe and there will be free tea and cake for all that participate. As well as further information on services in Brighton and Hove such as bike mending workshops and other resources to help you access more sustainable forms of transport.

A quick guide to the event is:

Open-mindedness: Listen to and respect all points of view.
 Suspend judgment as best you can.
 Seek to understand rather than persuade.
 Question assumptions, look for new insights.
 Speak from your heart and personal experience.
Brevity: Go for honesty and depth but don’t go on and on.

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 07979321 998.

Please note there is no disabled access for this event.

The Marwood,
52 Ship Street
Brighton, BN1 1AF

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